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Current issue

March 2017

The Church of Scotland and Brexit
How the Church, at home and abroad, is preparing for Britain’s exit from the European Union
‘There are just so many questions’: a Church elder based in Brussels talks about her concerns for the future in post-Brexit Europe

Faith and Frankenstein
The Rev David McCarthy reflects on the Christian messages of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, first published 200 years ago this year

A Divine Gift
The Very Rev Dr James Simpson reflects on the benefits of humour

Not posturing, but justice
Ron Ferguson considers the deeper messages of Lent

Words Matter
The Rt Rev Dr Derek Browning emphasises the importance of free speech and silence

The End of the Road
In the last of his series on people on the move in the Bible, the Rev Richard Baxter asks whether a journey’s end is really a new beginning

Climate change is a ‘moral issue’
A Zambian minister’s message to the developed world

Handling the Holy Word
The Very Rev Dr John Chalmers considers one of the sensitive touchstones of Church life

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