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Prayer for Palm Sunday

Sunday April 9 2017

Lord Jesus

We remember today the timeless story of how when your rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, your friends threw their clothing in your path and children waved palm branches welcoming you with their shouts of Hosanna.

Father loosen today the Hosannas that often stick in our sophisticated throats. Let the child in us come alive that we too may joyfully honour you. May our blinkered eyes catch something of who you really are - the Way, the Truth and the Life.

At the beginning of this holiest of weeks help us to examine our commitments, our loyalties, our priorities and assumptions. Do not let us be deceived as to where we would have stood had we been in Jerusalem that first Holy Week, we who constantly betray you with our lurking grudges, prejudices and reluctance to forgive.

May the events of this Palm Sunday and this coming week, pass silent judgement on our lives. Help us, like you, to have the courage to stand for the hard right against the easy wrong, and to share something of your passionate concern for justice and peace.

Help us not only to ask some of the big questions, but to find some of the big answers by joining today with the crowd that surrounded you on that first Palm Sunday, shouting that the answer to many of life’s biggest questions lies in you.

We pray in your name


The Very Rev Dr James Simpson