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Prayer for Easter Saturday

Prayer for Easter Saturday

Saturday April 15 2017

On this day of waiting,
Lord of the tomb,
You lead us to embrace
the silences,
the words never spoken,
the lingering, longings of hearts and imaginations.
On this day of waiting,
the darkest places of our lives and world
find the light of Your harrowing.
Out of the anguish of death
and the actions of abuse
that have been shown in human hand,
the search for understanding and hope sits
in the cusp of dawn.
On this day of waiting,
You sit within our sorrows:
the grief we have not been able to let go;
the loneliness of broken friendships and relationships;
the hurts we have caused and felt;
the bitterness that has become the wall we hide behind.
Christ of the grave,
we wait for Your light to dawn
so that the horizon of the changed future may become clearer.
On this day of waiting,
You are searching out the hungry
to bring all to Your table and enjoy the feast;
You are opening doors for the refugee
so that all will know welcome and find their place in Your presence;
Your ears are open to the complaints of those placed at the edge of society
ensuring justice is shown to perpetrator and victim.
Presence of the Eternal,
You wait for Your light to dawn
within human hearts,
and shape our meetings and greetings with love.
On this day of waiting,
we wait for You,
Dawn of Heaven.
Shape us to be patient in Your time,
and urgent in the sharing of Your grace.
The Rev MaryAnn Rennie