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Looking Back: Ecumenical Event At Butlin's

Friday August 11 2017


‘Chapel of Unity’ Dedicated

THE popularity of the holiday camp at the Heads of Ayr increases year by year; and it was a fine act by Sir William Butlin to erect an inter-denominational church there – the first permanent ecclesiastical building on any of his camp sites.

The chapel, which cost £80,000 to put up, is in an advantageous position facing the sea.

It was dedicated by the Most Rev Francis Moncrieff, Primus of the Episcopal Church in Scotland; the Rev Robin Barbour of New College preached the sermon; and other clergy from the Roman Catholic Church, the Episcopal Church and the Church of Scotland were in attendance.

At a subsequent reception in the camp, Sir William revealed the fact that between 30 and 40 Church conferences are held in Butlin camps each year.

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