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Church of Scotland Youth Gathers for 20th Assembly

The 20th Church of Scotland National Youth Assembly (NYA) takes place this weekend.

100 delegates aged between 17 and 25 will gather in Stirlingshire to discuss a wide range of topics, including conflict in the Middle East, new ways of worship and how the Church spends its money.

The Moderator of the NYA, Rachel Hutcheson (pictured), said: “This forum, over 20 years, has become the best way for young people within the Church to have their voice heard.
“It is all geared up to be an exciting four days where we will really find out what young people are thinking in the Church.”

She said she was looking forward to hearing how delegates would address the Gaza issue: “I think young people are better informed about these issues now thanks to social media.

“I have visited the Holy Land and received wonderful hospitality from both Jews and Muslims.

“I’m aiming to moderate a respectful dialogue, which the Church of Scotland has such a rich history in conducting."

Funding for the NYA itself is to be discussed with alternative streams through Church of Scotland Councils, other than Mission and Discipleship, being explored.
Agreed positions on these topics form the basis of a report which will be presented to the General Assembly in May 2015.


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