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Presbyteries Set To Pass Gay Ministers Overture

Tuesday December 16 2014

The measure which would allow churches to ordain ministers in same-sex relationships has been approved by Presbyteries.

Of the Presbyteries which have so far submitted their result, 28 have voted in favour and 11 against. Only six are still to declare, with a deadline of December 31.

The individual numbers are closer – 1253 presbyters have voted for the measure and 1006 against – but it is the majority of Presbyteries that counts.

The Overture (act) will now be put to the 2015 General Assembly.  If it is passed, the Church of Scotland will still formally hold the traditional view that sexual activity should be only within marriage between a man and a woman; but churches would be allowed to appoint a minister in a civil partnership if they wish.

The General Assembly will also be asked to consider whether the legislation should also apply to ministers in same-sex marriages (which didn’t exist in Scotland when the Overture was drafted).

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Mike Munro - Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

“Deeply disturbed by this result, many good friends leaving CofS following result. Difficult to stay.”

Kenneth Campbell - Saturday, December 20th, 2014

“This result throws up another issue. What if a gay minister marries his partner? What is the C of S going to do in that particular circumstance? Gay marriage is now legal in Scotland.”

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