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Fife Church Launches 'One Year Pilgrimage'

Wednesday June 10

A Fife church has produced a One Year Pilgrimage tool to help people develop their spiritual life.

The booklet grew out of a group of about 20 people who met for a year at Dairsie Church (Cupar St John’s and Dairsie United). Inspired by the idea of pilgrimage, particularly the nearby Fife Pilgrim Way, they undertook a year-long process of learning and re-imagining their lives which they called ‘The Journey’.

Church minister, the Rev Jan Steyn, said that the aim of the group was to pay as much attention to spiritual growth as they would to their finances or health: “Our inner world holds the key to our true well-being – our world of thought, our mindset and attitude towards ourselves and the world around us.”

From this grew the idea of the One Year Pilgrimage, a personal commitment to intentionally journey, learn and grow for a year; and a small booklet, The Pilgrim’s Journal, to guide, encourage and inspire those engaged in it. In the last month more than 25 new pilgrims received their books and have either started or are preparing for their pilgrimage.

Jan adds: “Although it is still early times for the pilgrims, it has already inspired some interesting discussions and great enthusiasm. Not only will The Pilgrim’s Journal help us on our journey, it will surely inspire and help spiritual growth, lead to health and healing, establish life-changing habits, guide us and eventually become a visual map of a year in our lives.”

For more information, contact Jan on steynjan@gmail.com


Tricia Cochrane - Friday, June 12th, 2015

“This sounds amazing, will you be doing a monthly review on your Church Website? It would be great to see how your journeys is progressing. ”

Malcolm - Friday, June 12th, 2015

“A terrific idea, well done.”

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