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Christian Aid Seeks 'Diamond' Supporters

Wednesday March 8 2017

Christian Aid is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its famous fundraising week by recognising some of its most dedicated supporters – and it is inviting nominations.

Christian Aid Week (which this year runs from May 14-20) began in 1957, since when the red envelope has dropped through tens of millions of letterboxes.

Such was the success of the week that the organisation, founded in the immediate aftermath of World War II as Christian Reconstruction in Europe and then known as the Department of Interchurch Aid and Refugee Service, changed its name to Christian Aid.

The Diamond Awards will recognise long-standing supporters and those who go the extra mile during Christian Aid Week.

You can nominate in the categories of unsung heroes, long-term supporters, event organisers, super organisers, brilliant new ideas, working together and schools.

You can nominate someone at www.caweek.org/diamond. Nominations must be in by Friday March 17.


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