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Looking Back: A dip into the archives

Friday June 30 2017


Use Of Buildings Questioned


AMONG the topics which will just have been discussed by the General Assembly are some raised by the Stewardship and Budget Committee. Do we need such elaborate buildings in new housing areas?

“Is it economically right,” their report enquires, “to spend large sums of money on buildings which in some cases may be in use for only a few hours each week?

“The Committee are aware of the crucial importance of the work for the Church’s life. As the National Church, the Church of Scotland have a special responsibility for Word and Sacraments in all new housing areas. Further, the Committee realise that a solution to Church extension finance is the key to the future of the co-ordinated appeal.

“The view is being put forward strongly that the emphasis on physical fabric which has been traditional in Western Christendom may be a burden rather than an aid, in fulfilling the missionary task of the congregation. To provide a new congregation with a new suite of buildings before they have had sufficient time to allow their particular ministry to develop may not be a wise policy.”


Costing £160,000

Three Fife Churches

It is anticipated that the construction of three new churches may very soon be begun in Fife. These will be Cowdenbeath (West), Torbain (Kirkcaldy) and Glenrothes (St Ninian’s). The cost will be not less than £160,000.

In a statement issued on behalf of the Church Extension Committee it was said: “There were many projects we would like to have started, but we couldn’t because we dare not over-run our debt of £750,000.”

Limited by a decision of the General Assembly to an annual debt not exceeding this sum, the starting of work on these projects has been considerably delayed.