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Derek Fett
Derek Fett

General Assembly 2019

Tuesday May 14 2019

Welcome to Life and Work's coverage of the 2019 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, which opens on Saturday May 18.


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Day Seven: Friday May 24

Final Session: Moderator Warns of Hard Work to Come

Changes to youth engagement - concern over gender balance of new Trustees

Day Six: Thursday May 23

Praise for ministries and chaplains - divestment protests - Housing and Loan Fund celebrates 50th anniversary

A group of youth representatives to the General Assembly held a silent protest  this morning against yesterday's decision not to disinvest from fossil fuels. Picture by Andy O'Brien.

Day Five: Wednesday May 22

Assembly Rejects Divestment Call - Time to 'get real' over buildings - Presence in Israel/Palestine affirmed

First Minister Praises Church Engagement

Day Four: Tuesday May 21

General Assembly approves Radical Action Plan

Solidarity With Persecuted Christians

Day Three: Monday May 20

Church to reform central structure

Principal Clerk Appointed Queen's Chaplain

Day Two: Sunday May 19

Pictures from Heart and Soul, the celebration of the life of the Church of Scotland which took place in Princes Street Garden. Pictures by Jackie Macadam

Day One: Saturday May 18

General Assembly reminded decisions they make will shape future of the church.

Pictures from the opening morning of the General Assembly as the Rt Rev Colin Sinclair is sworn in as Moderator. Pictures by Derek Fett.

"Discipleship is not dull": Interview with the Moderator-Designate, the Rev Colin Sinclair.

Truth in Love: The Rev Dr Doug Gay reflects on the big decisions to be taken at this Assembly

Our summaries of the reports to this Assembly

Preview of Heart and Soul, the celebration of the life of the Church on Assembly Sunday

Order of Proceedings

Beginner's Guide to the General Assembly

General Assembly 2018