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October Prayer

October Prayer

Monday October 5 2020

May we find space,
unfilled with yesterday,
and left empty for tomorrow;
may we find poetry
unwritten and waiting,
for lines not yet voiced;
may we find silence
unhurried and hopeful,
for what is still to be imagined;
may we find time,
unclaimed and eager,
for our dogma to be reframed;
may we find truth,
unbiased and abiding
in what pandemics reveal about us;
may we find faith,
unafraid and daring,
to guide us on the way;

in such times as these,
where a creative saviour
invites tomorrow,
and dares us to follow;

and holy words
are cast in what is yet to be;

and sacred stories
speak in unfamiliar ways
for this unfamiliar time;
and the kingdom calls us
to prepare,
be ready,
and newly imagine
our church,
our communities;
may we find you, O God,
unbound and resurrected,
in this new moment of faith.