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A Prayer for Advent and Christmas

A Prayer for Advent and Christmas

Monday December 7 2020

Lord Jesus Christ,
Morsel of salvation,
Held in the loving arms of Your earthly parents,
Held in the loving heart of the heavenly Creator,
Creeping into our winter world
Where cold and darkness hold their sway.
Yet still You come,
Reminding us each year of warmth and light,
Unshakeable mercy,
Shining love.
In this fading year, with so much hurt and loss and frustration –
Come to heal and soothe;
In this bitter year, with so much left undone and broken –
Come to hold and mend.
In this locked-down year –
Come to liberate and renew Your people.

Lord Jesus Christ,
Child of promise,
Within the grasp of Your infant hands
You hold the grace and joy that will transform
Our lives, our Church, our world.
Who can see the hope for the poor,
The welcome for the excluded,
The guidance for the perplexed,
The shelter for the homeless,
Swaddled in Your tiny form,
Resting and restless in Your manger?

Lord Jesus Christ,
You come into our world almost to dare
Us into action and love;
Beguiling and entrancing us in infant form,
Yet God made flesh,
In all Your vulnerability and strength.
A God of, ‘what if?’;
A God of, ‘this is possible’;
A God of, ‘hear Me’;
A God of, ‘follow Me’;

Lord Jesus Christ,
In Advent, Christmas and coming New Year,
Let us grow with You:
Emerging from darkness into light,
Moving from isolation to community,
Leaving despair for hope.
Holy Child, Servant King, Prince of Peace,
With us, despite us, for us, beside us.
Be near us now, and always.