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The Coronavirus Diaries: Being Positive

The Coronavirus Diaries: Being Positive

Wednesday December 16 2020

The Rev Ustaz Tut Mai Ngoth is Deputy Executive Director and Programme Officer with the Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan. He also teaches at the Nile Theological College in Juba.

South Sudan is the world’s newest country and since coming into being in 2011 has continued its troubled history with civil war and unstable political leadership. The people of the country have suffered this year from injustice, floods, famine and coronavirus.


Everyone is positive,
Everyone is sick
Everyone needs cure
Everyone is tested positive
Everyone will test positive
All will be positive any way!

Some are positive of coronavirus,
Some are positive of tribalism virus,
Some are positive of corruption virus,
Some are positive of nepotism virus,
Some are positive of clanism virus,
Some tested positive of racism virus,
Some are positive of regionalism virus,
Some tested positive of xenophobia virus
All tested positive anyway!

All are positive of insecurity,
All are positive of poverty,
All are positive of hungry,
All are positive of hopelessness,
All are positive of helplessness,
All are positive of selfishness.
Everyone tested positive anyway!

What are you positive for?
What are you positive with?
What are you positive at?
What are you positive in?
What are you positive by?
Everyone tested positive anyway!

They tested positive for killing,
They tested positive for stealing,
They tested positive for looting,
They tested positive for cheating,
They tested positive for lying,
All are positive anyway!

We are all tested positive to ignorance
We are all tested positive to intolerance
We are all tested positive to arrogance
We are all tested positive to abhorrence
All and Everyone tested positive,

O God have mercy on us,
O God forgive us,
O God heal us,
O God correct us,
O God renew us,
O God Save us,
O God bless us.
Because everyone, and anyone is tested positive anyway!

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