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A Prayer for February

A Prayer for February

Monday February 1 2021

O Lord our God
If we should forget you
in this month of Solmonath*
we only need to look to the sky.
The February stars tell your story.
The Snow Moon shines out your glory.
Sparkling Alpha Centaurids and Beta Leonids
adorn the firmament like dancing fireflies in the night.
All creation cries out praise to its Cosmic Creator!
May we not crush by our feet the petals of the primrose,
the hopeful faces of the violet, the early crocus or the
saddened head of the late snowdrop.
For this is the month of the pearl,
the amethyst and the iris,
of the melting snows
and the jewelled
as ice
melt hearts
hardened by the winter’s
winds and icy pastures as we
lift our faces to welcome the Spring.
Hearts filled with love in confessions that grant us
a forgiveness worthy of your Son’s sacrifice. Candlemas
gifts of humility; that we might honour his coming
spiritual wisdom to meet the days that follow
sincerity of heart and mind
to offer to your

*early Anglo-Saxon word for February: sol meaning mud, therefore mud-month