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March Prayer

March Prayer

Thursday March 4

Eternal Love,
at this Lenten time of testing
and of vaccination
may we hear your words to Joshua,
‘I command you
to be determined and confident.
Don’t be afraid or discouraged,
for I, the Lord, your God,
am with You wherever you go.’
You are in our self-isolating and exercising,
in our working or volunteering,
in our home-schooling and online learning
in our caring and coping with disability
in our worrying about job or money.
You tell us to stay firm and resolute,
because of our trust in You
to companion and empower us.
You are in all our hospitals and health centres,
in all care homes and all family homes,
in all discussion and decision making chambers,
in all nurseries and educational establishments,
in all local communities and shops,
in all our public transport and emergency services.
You tell us not to fear or lose hope,
even if we are feeling overwhelmed
because You are there in every situation
working for our good.
You are there in our anxieties and panics,
in our feelings of hopelessness or lack of purpose,
in our loneliness and grieving
because wherever we go in our heads
You are there whispering Christ’s words:
‘Come to me all you who are tired
from carrying heavy loads
and I will give you rest.’
Lord God,
You are in every part of our
conflicted and unjust world.
Help us to share knowledge and medicine.
Lead us through this pandemic.
Ever-present Love,
You are each one
of Your global children.
So for all we pray:
Bless us and keep us.
Be gracious and look kindly on us.
May Your face shine upon us
and give us peace,
Your peace. Amen.