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May Prayer

May Prayer

Monday May 3 2021

Spirit of God,
In a world still airless from lockdown,
Come, breathe new life into the way we live.
In a Church still breathless from the challenge to change,
Come, breathe purpose and steadiness in the way we witness.
In our lives still recovering from a season of weariness and restriction,
Come, breathe hope into our hearts and souls.
Spirit of God,
Come as flame, to purge and brighten,
Come as water, to wash and refresh,
Come as breath, to warm and stir.
Come as dove, to hover in presence and protection.
Spirit of God,
In this day let us be challenged and comforted,
Stilled and made restless
As we respond to the world around us.
Fill us with gladness, fill us with wonder,
Fill us with vision, fill us with dreams.
Spirit of God,
Give us grace to be shaped by You,
And transformed by You,
And illuminated by You,
And lifted up by You.
Into our faithfulness breathe compassion.
Into our compassion breathe insight.
Into our insight breathe action.
Spirit of God,
Move over the arid places of our lives,
And bring us, in time, to blossom with Your fruit:
Love, joy, peace,
Patience, kindness, goodness,
Faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.