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September Prayer

September Prayer

Monday September 6


Creating God,
between the stars and the soil,
between the questions and the adventures,
between the anxieties and the celebrations,
may we meet you:
God of the between places;
not of beginnings or endings,
but the shifting,
living places
we find ourselves in every day…

May we make these places, honest places,
full of our everyday words and silences,
filled with the real questions and worries we have
that you are so familiar with,
and in such places
trust you are at the centre
holding all we are…

May we bring the burdens we carry,
of inexplicable feelings we cannot yet describe,
emptiness that even silence cannot fill,
worry that riddles our future,
and joy that leaves moments of grace throughout it all,
and, in you,
(beyond the distance we might feel between us,
or the traditions that pull us apart),
let them spill…

Loving God,
in this spilling place,
may we be found as we are
and as you know us best;
this prayer place,
where words are unnecessary,
and honesty is enough;
this meeting place,
where love and truth touch,
and heaven and earth tangle,
and know you,
O God:
the graceful presence that holds us
when there is nothing else for us to hold.

In such silence and depth,
hope and worry,
trust and love,
we linger in your presence…

So be it.

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