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Remembrance Prayer

Remembrance Prayer

Monday November 1 2021

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Lord Jim Wallace, offers a special prayer for Remembrance

At this time of Remembrance, let us remember past wars;
those who have fought in them;
those who have lived through them;
those who have died in them.
We remember those permanently maimed or disabled,
those psychologically scarred or still haunted by memories of war,
and those whose memories have been wounded afresh by new
reminders of old suffering.
We remember those civilians killed by enemy action, and those
bereaved by war.
And when we make mistakes or lose our tempers in our own lives;
or when we speak or think or act in ways every bit as selfish as the
actions that can cause wars, may we be forgiven.
Let us pray that, inspired, and encouraged by the Spirit of God, we
may aspire to be peacemakers in our lives, in our communities and
in our wider world.
And as we remember and give thanks for those whose courage in
war has inspired us, may we find the kind of courage we are happy
to celebrate in others, and direct it towards the battles that really
belong to God’s kingdom: battles for justice and compassion,
inclusion and welcome, dignity and opportunity.
In Remembrance we pray that we all will know the love of our
Eternal Creator who spans all history, and the meaning of whose
love cannot be quenched by even the greatest of our wars.