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Margaret Pang (left) and the Global Fellowship group with Lord Wallace (centre)
Margaret Pang (left) and the Global Fellowship group with Lord Wallace (centre)

Climate Justice Diaries: Worldwide Stewards

Wednesday December 1 2021

Margaret Pang is a young leader from Boys' Brigade UK and was one of the representatives of Global Fellowship, the International Network of the Boys’ Brigade, who attended COP26 along with General Manager, Bill Stevenson and young leaders from Zambia and St Kitts.

We read in Genesis that “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” You will not find any direct references to climate change in scripture but there are many texts that relate to social justice and being good stewards of God’s world. We are now all being charged to look after this fragile planet.

I was lucky to be selected to attend the COP26 conference as part of the Global Fellowship delegation and it was an eye-opening experience. I’ve always been a person that is aware scientifically of how climate change is melting the ice caps or causing more frequent wildfire and doing my part by recycling or spreading awareness. What I’ve come to understand is the devastating effects it has had on countries further afield than the one I live in. In the UK, we have seen colder winters and hotter summer which now seems like a mild inconvenience compared the increasing natural disasters that other countries face, for example where tsunamis and families lose all their belongings on more than a one-off event.

With access to the blue zone, I was able to listen to some interesting talks themed from energy, to youth, to transport. There were viewpoints from different countries, and it was positive to hear some of the commitments like how over 40 countries pledged to stop using coal. My highlight was being able to watch Barack Obama speak live in person and hear him say that young people have a right to be frustrated, as this is very often what I hear from the young people around me.

Our group were pleased to meet and talk with Lord Wallace, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland too during our visit.

I hope to see each of us contribute to the fight against climate change and make pledges, just like our own countries are doing, to make the planet a better place for our future.

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Climate Justice Diaries: a new series in which Church of Scotland partners from around the world explore the impact of climate change, and what is being done to help. 

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