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A Prayer for the New Year

A Prayer for the New Year

Wednesday January 5 2022


Lord, we have sung of the bleak midwinter,
And of how out of darkness we have light.
The familiar words of the familiar carols.
Words of joy, of peace, of love, of light.
Of how you bring light and life to all.

We are in that time of year.

The time of darkness.
Of short days and long nights
When we are assaulted by darkness
And we long for light.

We are in that time of year

The time of looking back
As we think of the year that has passed
Remembering all we have been through
Giving thanks for your presence with us
In all the trials and anxiety we have faced.

We are in that time of year

The time of looking forward
As we look towards the year
That will unfold before us.
Make plans for the year ahead.
Get excited at all the possibilities it holds.

Lord, at this time of year be light for our lives
In these dark days
Bring us the hope of your inextinguishable light
May we go forward in faith
Supported by the joy, peace, love and light
Which only you can bring us.

Be with us in all this year holds
The known and unknown
The planned and unplanned
The joy and the sorrow
The hope and the anxiety
And may we walk always with the One who is
Light for the World.