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February Prayer

February Prayer

Friday February 4

Father of lights,
with whom there is no variation
or shadow due to change,
thank You
for the eternity of Your love
and the constancy of Your purpose.
Enable us to adapt
to a world with virus variants,
climate change
and millions of migrant people
desperate for sanctuary and inclusion.
Empower us to act
for a world where children
are safe and nurtured,
where all have access to a
home, an education
and a living wage.
Father of lights,
may we embody change
for a brighter, better world.

Jesus Christ
the same yesterday
today and forever,
thank You
for saving us from sin and wilfulness.
Enable us to adapt
to a church structure
that is changing shape
and whose walls are crumbling
but whose Head and Foundation Stone
remain unchanged.

Empower us as members
of the body of Christ
charged with good news
to walk humbly alongside,
to love tenderly
and to act justly towards
the poor, the outcast and the powerless
and all whom You came to save.
Jesus Christ
the same yesterday,
today and forever,
Your mission, our mission
has not changed.

Transforming Spirit,
who makes us a new creation in Christ,
the old has passed away
and behold, the new has come.
Inspire and encourage those
who are Your change-makers.
Give hope and courage to those
who fear change.
Bless with faith and strength
those for whom change
has meant deep loss.

Transforming God,
in Father, Son and Spirit,
recreate us in Your love
and make us fit for Your purpose
in the world.