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March Prayer

March Prayer

Monday March 7

God of light and darkness,
From the hilltop of light
Where You shone and transfigured the world,
From the hilltop of Calvary
Where darkness fell and enveloped humanity,
Be with Your people in times
When light shines our way,
When darkness dims our paths.

In this season of Lent,
Help us reflect upon
This light, and
This darkness,
Playing in, across and around our lives.
Help us accept that life will always involve
The intriguing, unsettling interplay of
Luminescence and shade.

Hear our prayers today for those
Traversing the Valley of the Shadow of Death.
Where loved ones have gone,
Or dreams and hopes have faltered and fallen,
Where pain is real and tears not far away.
Yet even in that the deepest gloom,
Darkness is not dark to You,
And though we may not see You,
Yet still, dear Lord, You travel with us.

Hear our prayers today for those
Traversing the brightness of the heavens,
Whose journey is propelled by the wings of the morning.
Where joy and thanksgiving both humble and hearten,
And all we see is You, there, present,
Still, dear Lord, travelling with us.

As the days of Lent darken,
And the world our Saviour walked through
Took Him to
We too will see these bitter truths
Within the world we walk today.

Steady our feet, strengthen our resolve,
That we, with Christ,
May walk the way of darkness
Into the certainty of light
That reaches out to touch and heal
Our broken world, our broken souls
With gentleness, with grace, with hope.
In Jesus’ Name.