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Young people at the IEE Synod
Young people at the IEE Synod

Global Partners: Spain

Wednesday July 13

Name of Church:                   IEE (Iglesia Evangélica Española)

Number of congregations:  30

Number of ministers:           28

Number of members:          3000

What is your connection with the Church of Scotland?
Our relationship with the Church of Scotland is historical as it is one of the first churches that at the end of the 19th century helped in the proclamation of the Reformed faith in Spain together with other churches in Europe. The IEE has been the fruit of this work.

On the other hand, for several decades we have maintained relationships as sister churches in the work of the mission in Spain and Europe, collaborating with some support programmes, especially on migration issues.

So the connection with the Scottish Church is, through the contacts of collaboration, help and fraternal relationship with the IEE.

What does this partnership mean to you today?
Partnership is the space that allows us to live, feel, share and express our commitment of faith with Christ, in the midst of a fraternal collaboration in the work of mission. At the same time, it makes it easier for us to put ourselves at the service of the community and others through social work, education and the defence of human rights, all this as a testimony of a collaboration with a partner church.

What is your biggest challenge as a Church?
It is of witnessing the message of love, understanding and liberation of Jesus of Nazareth, in the midst of Spanish society, mostly Catholic and agnostic, in which human rights are not sufficiently respected and in which the human being does not find the meaning of their life.

Also to develop a testimony that is significant for young people and adolescents, since it becomes more and more urgent to be a church suitable for the development of faith and commitment with this generation and those to come. Finally, we see with great concern the deterioration of the environment, the migration flows and the growth of poverty. For all this, our great challenge has to do with being a church that knows how to accompany and make itself present in society in a way that is consistent with the gospel.

What is your main focus over the next two to three years?
For us, to intensify the presence of the liberating message of Jesus, both within the congregation and outside, through the commitment to the most vulnerable. Develop a greater theological, psychological and emotional training to help the church grow with men and women spiritually committed to the church and society. And strengthen the life of our communities in an integrated way.

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