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Global Partners: South Africa

Global Partners: South Africa

Tuesday July 19

Continuing the series of updates from Church of Scotland partner churches around the world, the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa describes how it is 'Going for Growth'

The Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa

Number of Congregations: 460

Number of ministers:         +490

Number of members:        ­+250 000

What is your connection with the Church of Scotland?
Part of what is the modern day UPCSA is a culmination of the work of the missionaries from Scotland. The missionaries left that legacy, a good number of congregations that we still have were inherited.

What does this partnership mean to you today?
The partnership with the Church of Scotland is a testimony of people globally working together in praising and worshiping God, sharing their resources for the glory of God. It is a mutual relationship based on partnership. It is always an imperative to close the divide between the global north and the global south. The partnership is one of that much geopolitical importance.  

What is your biggest challenge as a Church?
The denomination, as it is the case with the entire society, has to battle with a wide gap between the rich and the poor.  The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a blow on the economy of the denomination and many of our congregations.  

What is your main focus over the next two to three years?
To attain the operationalisation of the Strategic Plan. The 2021 General Assembly adopted a whole decade programme known as Going for Growth: Sowing, Growing, and Reaping. We hope to achieve a great revival in the life and work of the denomination.

The Rev Lungile Mpetshani, General Secretary of the UPCSA 


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