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Global Partners: Myanmar

Global Partners: Myanmar

Tuesday July 26

Continuing the series of updates from Church of Scotland partner churches around the world with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar, which has recently faced the twin pressures of Covid-19 and political turmoil

The Presbyterian Church of Myanmar

Number of Congregations: 262

Number of ministers: 129

Number of members: 38124

What is your connection with the Church of Scotland?
Our connection with the Church of Scotland had been since 2003. And throughout our journey in partnership, the Church of Scotland has supported the PCM ministries in various ways such as Scholarships, Women's Ministry, Theological Education, and so on.

What does this partnership mean to you today?
Our partnership means sharing resources and journeying with mutual reliance on the Mission of God, particularly in Myanmar. And it is a greatly valuable partnership for PCM. At present, PCM is mainly the receiving church, but I hope it becomes a less receiving church in the near future.

What is your biggest challenge as a Church?
In my observation, the biggest challenge for the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar is the lack of financial resources as there is no regular income at the General Assembly level. This need became clearer when we faced the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and also a military coup took place. The income of almost all Synods has decreased and some Synods cannot afford to pay even their pastors’ salaries.

What is your main focus over the next two to three years?
PCM is focusing on building a multipurpose hall at Tahan Theological College and relocating the Agape Hospital to the current Children Development Centre. Relocation of the Agape Hospital has emerged due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic since there is no space at the present hospital site.

Rev Ramthanga, General Secretary, Presbyterian Church of Myanmar

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