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Overseas Condolences Offered Following Death of Queen Elizabeth

Overseas Condolences Offered Following Death of Queen Elizabeth

Wednesday September 14 2022


PARTNER organisations and churches overseas have offered condolences to the Church of Scotland following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

In a letter to Church staff, Dr Bernard Sabella of the Department of Services to Palestinian Refugees of the Middle East Council of Churches said they had been following the cortege.

He wrote: “On this sad occasion to many in Scotland, we wanted in DSPR/MECC to pay our respect to her memory and long reign,” adding: “As a person, she was a model for civility, yearning for peace and reconciliation.”

Reflecting on a personal memory, he said he treasured a meeting with the Queen at Windsor Royal Chapel during his attendance at a conference on peace and reconcilation.

 “I have also followed King Charles III’s statements on support to the Church of Scotland and I certainly see this as quite positive considering that our world needs more openness to others based on our different religious and faith backgrounds. The tradition that I have seen at the annual General Assemblies of the Church of Scotland and that I attended on behalf of the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees of the Middle East Council of Churches always impressed me with the Royal Address to the Church Assembly. This, for me,  was an occasion in which the Head of the Nation addresses issues implicated in the values that a faith community, the Church of Scotland, upholds.

“This mixture of royalty and church remains poignant particularly at a time when political systems appear to be far off the issues and values that invigorate faith and its practice across our world.”

 He added: “Let me end by once again offer our respect for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and to wish well for King Charles III and the country, irrespective of geography, national original, ethnic and religious backgrounds.”

Condolences were also expressed by Dr Annette Kurschus of the Evangelical Church of Westphalia in Germany who wrote: “With sorrow and intercession we stand with the British people and the Church of Scotland in these hours and share your grief for HM Queen Elizabeth II. God blessed her with a long reign and allowed peace to grow between our countries during this time.

“We have found this to be a great gift after the times of the Second World War, in which we inflicted such deep wounds on your country. The Queen also reached out to us Christians and the churches in Germany so that reconciliation between our peoples could become a reality. We are grateful to her for this.”

Rita Famos offered condolences from Switzerland: “The Protestant Church in Switzerland would like to extend its deepest sympathies to the Church of England, the Church of Scotland, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and the Presbyterian Church of Wales in the loss of their inspirational, comforting and faithful Queen.”

“Our hearts go out to the church members, to the Royal Family and to all who will miss Queen Elizabeth II. May the God she so trusted comfort and strengthen you for all of the challenges that lie ahead.”

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