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September Prayer

September Prayer

Monday September 4

Based on Matthew 28:16-20

Summer subsides to September’s impulse.
Resting gives way to running.
Time to reach. To harvest. To build.
LORD, we sense a gust to ‘go,’
But these days, we know not where we are going.
The world keeps changing, and so does the Church.
LORD, we say to you, ‘Here am I, send me,’
But to what?

‘Go and make disciples.’
Who - us?
We who whisper, we who shout?
We who worship, we who doubt?
‘All authority has been given to me,
Therefore go and make disciples.’
Jesus, help us to do it because you told us to.
Jesus, help us to do it because you told us to.

Let us learn a life that’s led by you.
Let us walk a road that traces your footsteps.
Let us grow in the knowledge and love of you, Jesus.
Let us grow in the likeness and joy of you, Jesus.

As we go, lead us to the people you want us to walk with this year.
May they see who you are, Jesus, as they watch us.
As we grow, may the people we walk with discover you this year.
May they hear who you are, Jesus, as we tell them.

‘Baptising them… and teaching them…’
LORD, we get lost in our business.
Plans and places, the urgent and electronic
This year, let our business be
To baptise and teach
People to follow Jesus.

‘And surely I am with you always,
To the very end of the age.’
Just when it looks like you’ve left us
You tell us that you never will.
Let us hold fast to your promise,
Walk on in your presence,
And go.

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