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February Prayer

February Prayer

Monday February 5

Almighty God,
We may not see the days lengthening
In this often-empty month;
But they are.
We may not see the world greening quickly,
But the spring flowers already
Pin-prick the frost-bound earth.

We may not see faith,
Yet around us people of faith
Witness to You and continue to challenge the world.
We may not see hope,
Yet rainbows of promise arc over the horizon,
Reminding us of a brighter future.
We may not see love,
Yet the warmth of a caring hand from loved one or stranger
May rest upon our shoulder and give the comfort we need.

As the seasons of nature and life
Reorder themselves from one to another,
There may be much we do not see.
Yet You, Lord God,
Have gifted us with other senses
That enable us to comprehend
The way Your presence finds us
Wherever we are.
We may not see, but we might feel,
We may not feel, but we may smell,
We may not smell, but we may hear.

Let our prayer be that we,
Engaging all our senses as this coming Spring unfolds,
May find revealed to us a present God,
By our side, leading us onward,
Into brighter days,
Through the gift of Your Son, our Saviour,
Jesus Christ.