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Learning to Live in the Present

Learning to Live in the Present

Monday July 8

Young Adult Volunteer Lydia Chon describes the impact on her life of service in Dundee.

HELLO! My name is Lydia Chon. I am from Los Angeles, but I have been in Dundee since August of 2023. I am currently serving as a YAV (Young Adult Volunteer) placed at Menzieshill Parish Church.

In the past six months, I have learned a lot from my church and community. I am currently involved with various projects taking place in Menzieshill such as community cafés, food larders, youth programmes, Messy Church, and school chaplaincy work. A large portion of my time is spent working with Connect Youth, a project aimed to provide support to disadvantaged young people and adults through drop-ins, one to ones, small groups, school work and responsive detached sessions. It was through Connect Youth that I realised how much I enjoy working with young people, and it is definitely something I want to be part of even when I go back home.

I feel grateful that I have been able to be involved in so many different projects that broaden my knowledge and experience. And from the many things that I have learned, I am excited to see how I can use and apply my experiences to my church back home. I have also had the opportunity to attend conferences including the Big Conversation, where I got to connect and hear the stories of people involved in ministry and outreach all over the UK. It has been very
empowering to witness God working through the church and community and it has helped me rebuild and strengthen my own foundation with God.

The community here at Menzieshill has become very special to me, and the relationships I have built will carry on even after my time in Dundee comes to an end. Through the YAV programme, I have been able to learn more about myself, finding out what my likes and dislikes are, as well as my strengths and weaknesses. In addition, I have also been learning to live in the present and focus on amazing things God is doing in my life right now. I think the YAV experience has given me confidence in myself, and with my faith rooted in Christ I feel more excited for my future, which is something I never thought I would say.

In this short time I have been surprised to see the change in myself and I look forward to seeing what might happen in the next five months I am here. Although I am saddened by the thought of my time in Dundee ending, it has made me all the more determined to cherish each day as a gift.

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