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Looking Back

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Looking Back: A Kirk Creche

From January 1953


The enterprise of an Angus congregation enables both parents to attend church

The Sunday Creche of Broughty Ferry East Church, which meets during the morning service, has just celebrated its first birthday. It can therefore claim seniority over some of its members.

The need was obvious. If there is no help at home it is just impossible for parents of very young children to get to church together. The Creche makes it perfectly possible.

Whenever a baby can be wheeled anywhere, that baby can be wheeled to Church. If parents can wheel their pram together on weekdays they can wheel it together on Sundays too, and wheel it in the direction of Church.

Toddlers can toddle with them and be assured, if under the age of four, of as warm a welcome in the Creche as will be extended to their baby brother or sister.

For our purposes the hall we found, after some searching and some disappointment, is ideal. It is very near the church. It has a large room where the toddlers may worship and learn and play together. It has a smaller room where prams may be parked and supervised. There is an adjacent plot of land where prams may stand in good weather.

Our leader and her colleague both possess special qualifications for the care and instruction of young children. Ladies, younger and older, have rallied to their support. The Creche has opened up a whole new way of service for the helpers. Some who had not found a sphere of Christian service before have found it now.

The children are our best advocates. They enjoy this introduction to the life of the Church so much that they demand to be brought back again. The Creche has become a real means of evangelism.

Here is a small additional proof that the Christian Church cares for her members from the cradle to the grave. Here is an added assertion that no age group is too young to be brought within the life and influence of the Christian Church. Here is yet another reminder that parents no less than children need the worship of the Church. Here is an honest fight to win back the family pew.

Will you try it out in your own congregation?

J. Fraser McLuskey

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