353,750 Homes Since War Built in Scotland
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Looking Back

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That is an indication of the changes in population in Scotland and the problem set the Church in creating new congregations and parishes.

In addition to the large housing areas around our towns these new; towns – East Kilbride, Glenrothes and Cumbernauld – are at varying stages of development. Each will have 30,000 to 50,000 people.

Glasgow overspill means at least 200,000 people moving to new housing schemes in Scottish towns.

The Church Extension Committee reported 14 major project completed in 1958, bringing the total up to 121 since the war. 101 churches or hall-churches have been built. 78 new parishes have been added to the Church of Scotland.

For this the Church raised £145,655 - £2,000 more than in 1957.

Of the £1,000,000 asked for four years ago, to be raised in five years, £533,403 has now been raised – a little over half.

Church Extension charges themselves contributed £58,000 in repayment of the cost of their buildings. £270,000 has been repaid since the war (£170,000 in the last three years).

‘Key Men’ for every fifteen congregations have been appointed to stimulate person-to-person appeals throughout the Church to gather in the second half million.