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Looking Back

Margaret Brodie
Margaret Brodie

Friday February 25 2022

Looking Back: The Children's Project

Looking back today to February 1959 and a Church Extension project of the children of Church of Scotland Sunday Schools.



HERE are two views of the chancel in St Martin’s Church, Port Glasgow, which is the Church Extension project of the children of our Sunday Schools. It was designed by Miss Margaret B. Brodies, B.Sc.Arch., A.R.I.B.A, one of the few women architects in private practice in Scotland. She describes her work in St. Martin’s thus:

“The idea behind the design of the Chancel was to keep it very simple and uncluttered so that the wood cross (elm) behind would assume full significance. The Front was therefore attached to the pulpit, forming part of its design.

“The Rev. George Wilkie, the minister, was most anxious that the Communion Table be a simple stone slab and in this I agreed. The top and sides are made of Broughton Moor green riven slate and the inset panel in front is white with gold shepherd’s crook motifs implanted on. The motif, symbol of Christ the Shepherd, is recalled also in a wrought iron grille which is placed near the Choir recess – very ably executed by a West of Scotland blacksmith, Mr. William Brown.”

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