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Looking Back: November 1969

The November 1969 issue featured a plea to give one day’s pay for overseas development.

One Day’s Pay

Appeal To The Church


November 30, St Andrews Day is a day when Scots traditionally turn their thoughts to their homeland.

The annual commemoration of Scotland’s patron saint is the day approved by the General Assembly when all members of the Kirk are asked to give a day’s pay towards overseas development.

This is the ‘emergency action’ urged by a trio of young petitioners to this year’s Assembly, concerned to have the National Church firmly behind the mounting demand for justice to the so-called “third world” -  the 80% of the world’s population who have to live on only 10 percent of the world’s income.

Givings to this appeal, which is being organised through presbyteries and congregations, will go towards a number of development projects in India, Pakistan, Zambia, Kenya, Jamaica and other countries, organised by Christian Aid, the british churches’ development agency.

‘One day’s pay’ is only ‘emergency’ aid; only a token. All who are working for relief of world poverty know this. The root causes of poverty are inextricably bound up in world economics; international finance and trading policy.

If the Christian conscience is to make any real impact on the situation, there must be Government action inspired by concerned public opinion.

This is where most of the work still has to be done.

The task is immense. It is almost beyond our comprehension. But that is no reason to do nothing. Even a little helps and that is why one 365th of our income is worth giving for ‘emergency’ action.

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