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Parish News Round-up

Thursday November 1 2018


Our regular round-up of news received from churches.

Please send items of parish news to magazine@lifeandwork.org or Life and Work, 121 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4YN. Please check the quality of your pictures: images which are too small, blurry or too dark cannot be used. If there are children in any picture please confirm that their parents or guardians have given permission for publication.

As part of her visit to Kirkcaldy Presbytery, the Moderator of the General Assembly, the Rt Rev Susan Brown, visited the Kirkcaldy Pathhead Christian Outreach Project.

The Moderator and her Chaplain met with kitchen staff and outreach workers from the project before meeting informally with patrons to the café. Pathhead Christian Outreach, has a pool of volunteers serving in the cafe and a team which delivers fresh meals from the café to the elderly and housebound within the parish. The Rev Andrew Donald, Minister at Pathhead Parish Church, said: “It is great for the volunteers, kitchen staff, delivery drivers and outreach team to receive such warm commendation.”

The Moderator held a joint service of worship for all the Kirkcaldy Churches in Linktown Parish Church on Sunday November 4.

A new window has been installed at Glasgow Cathedral in memory of a former minister.

The Very Rev Dr William J Morris was minister of the Cathedral from 1967-2005, as well as Dean of the Chapter Royal in Scotland from 1991-6 and chaplain to many other organisations.

The window, by Emma Butler-Cole Aiken, is a contemporary interpretation of a ‘Tree of Jesse’ design, symbolising life from the beginning of time, flowing through Christ and on to all who follow Him.

Amy Robinson has stepped down after 50 years as the Life and Work co-ordinator at Renfield St Stephen’s Church in Glasgow. Thank you Amy!

On Wednesday October 24, the Churches of Grangemouth (COG) organised a concert for the young people of Grangemouth.

About 130 young people, from churches/ youth organisations/ schools and cadet forces, entertained a packed Zetland Church with a mixture of religious and secular songs and a play about Noah.

The evening was so successful that the churches have been asked to organise a similar event next year.

The Friendship Circle at Cardonald Parish Church has knitted 460 pencil cases – one each for the children cared for by Dwelling Places, an organisation which works with street children in Kampala, Uganda.

Thanks to support from many people, and donations from Ryman’s and WHSmith, each pencil case contained a lead pencil, a coloured pencil, a small ruler, a rubber, a sharpener and gift cards from children at Cardonald Primary School sharpened all the pencils. The children also helped by sharpening the pencils.

On Thursday October 18 Cardonald’s minister, the Rev Gavin McFadyen, blessed the pencil cases before they were handed over to representatives of Dwelling Places UK.

Inchture church, in Perth and Kinross, had a special celebration recently for an Australian couple who were having their recent marriage blessed at the church.

Paul and Kate Wright, who had got married at home in Queensland, decided to have a blessing at Inchture because a direct ancestor of Mr Wright had been married in the church there (the predecessor to the current building, which occupies the same site) in 1763.

The couple had kept their wedding secret, even to their families, and were expecting a small act of worship with only the minister and one or two others. But the congregation had other ideas, as the minister, the Rev Dr Marjory MacLean explained: “They had not appreciated that Inchture Church of Scotland is a bunch of party-animals who never miss an opportunity for some fun!

“By the time the office-bearers had seized their chance, Paul and Kate found themselves in the midst of a full-on wedding celebration complete with flowers, cake, gift, bubbles, music, a photographer, a congregation of 20 all togged up in wedding clothes, and even the Beadle game to walk Kate down the aisle.  Apparently there were a few puzzled spouses of church members at breakfast-tables round the village: ‘You’re going to a what? Whose? What do you mean, you don’t know them?’”

Parish News

Parish News

A surprise wedding celebration, a Moderatorial visit, a new window and pencil cases for Ug...

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Parish News

Parish News

A surprise wedding celebration, a Moderatorial visit, a new window and pencil cases for Ug...

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Parish News

Parish News

A surprise wedding celebration, a Moderatorial visit, a new window and pencil cases for Ug...

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