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Activist to Deliver St Andrew's Day Lecture

Tuesday November 27 2018

The writer and activist Alastair McIntosh is to deliver the inaugural St Andrew’s Day lecture at St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh, on Friday.

The lecture is described as ‘a state of the nation address to encourage new ideas about Scotland and the wider world’.

Alastair (left), who grew up in the Outer Hebrides in a Church of Scotland family, describes himself as a ‘quesbyterian’ – a Quaker rooted in Presbyterianism. He is a longstanding activist on peace and justice and environmental issues, and the theology around them.

He is also prominent in the land reform movement, as one of the founders of the Isle of Eigg Trust which successfully bought the island for the community in 1997.

He has written several books, most recently Poacher’s Pilgrimage.

In the lecture, which begins at 7pm on Friday November 30, he will be speaking about the legacy of St Andrew and how to develop an inclusive Scottish national identity for the 21st century.

Entry is free.

Read Life and Work’s interview with Alastair McIntosh from 2017.


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