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Moderator's Milestone Birthday Pledge

                                                                                                                     Monday December 3 2018


THE Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has asked for donations to a care home project in her parish instead of birthday gifts for a milestone birthday.

The Rt Rev Susan Brown, who celebrates her 60th birthday on December 12, has had a long-standing link with the Oversteps Care Home in Dornoch, where she is minister at Dornoch Cathedral. The home is operated by CrossReach, the Social Care Council of the Church of Scotland.

During a recent visit to the care home as Moderator to mark the 60th anniversary of Oversteps, the Moderator revealed she too would reach a similar milestone and asked for donations instead to the Sensory Garden Project at Oversteps in lieu of gifts.

The generous pledge was revealed in CrossReach’s most recent newsletter.


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