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Churches China Group in Documentary

Monday January 7 2019

SCCG Advisor Patricia Johnston with documentary presenter Neil Oliver

The work of the Scottish Churches China Group (SCCG) features in a new BBC documentary series about Scots living or working in China, to be broadcast from tonight (Monday).

‘The Scots in China’, presented by Neil Oliver, is described as a ‘documentary exploring the role of Scots in the transformation of China’.

The SCCG features in the second part, to be broadcast on Monday January 14.

The programme focuses on the SCCG's partnerships with the Palliative Care Ward and GP staff training at Shengjing Hospital in Shenyang.

SCCG Advisor Patricia Johnston was flown out to participate and introduce the organisation's work at Shengjing Hospital.

Tricia said: “We did all the filming on Tuesday June 12 for about six hours - very tiring! Part of what the film crew wanted to do was to capture the contrast between health services in Scotland and those in China. This involved us filming in the main entrance area of the Hua Xiang Branch Outpatients’ Building.

“Hua Xiang is the smaller of the two hospital campuses so ‘only’ sees about 5,000 people per day in its Outpatients. The clinics are over six floors and the coming and going of patients and families is just constant – and the film crew was very keen to capture this."

The SCCG is an ecumenical group of representatives from Christian churches and fellowships in Scotland, including the Church of Scotland, the Roman Catholic Church and Society of Friends. It works with both Scottish and Chinese partners on health and education projects.

You can read more about the history and work of the SCCG on its website.

The programme starts tonight (Monday January 7) on BBC Two Scotland at 9pm, and will be available on BBC iPlayer.


Jane Turner - Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

“I have just seen Neil Oliver programme. We are going to Shenyang to stay with Chinese friends in April. This is our 3rd time we have visited Shenyang. The comments made throughout the programmes were extremely accurate. We have grown to love China and its people. I have seen the confidence grow,, particularly in young women. Their manners towards me, (I am 71), is nothing but courtious. I attend Shenyang Cathedral when I visit. In Glasgow I am a member of the PPF for NHS 24. Delighted to see the programmes. ”

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