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Church Opposes No Deal Brexit

Friday April 5 2019

The Church of Scotland has called on politicians to work together to find a way forward on Brexit, saying it is crucial that the UK doesn't leave the EU without a deal.

The Rev Dr Richard Frazer, convener of the Kirk’s Church and Society Council said: “As the Prime Minister seeks a further extension to Article 50 we must recognise that it is not just within the UK Parliament where there is a lack of agreement, as a society, we are divided.”

“Reconciling this divide requires a different approach; it will require time, humility and a willingness to listen and build consensus not just in Westminster but across our communities. If we wish to avoid significant damage to our shared wellbeing it also requires our politicians to work actively towards agreement across the four nations of the UK and to use whatever mechanisms are necessary to create the time for this to happen.”

“Crucially, we must avoid leaving the EU without a deal; to do so not only represents a loss of good faith with our closest neighbours on which we depend for our common good, but also would place many of our communities and institutions in harm’s way. Charities are warning us that food supplies to the most vulnerable are most at risk.  Supplies of essential medicines, among other things, are also likely to be disrupted.  To leave without a deal would be reckless not only in the short-term but would damage our ways of relating to one another for generations to come. This is not in anyone’s interests, particularly in a world where many of the problems we face must be addressed together.”

“To find a way forward the UK needs more time to explore our own common ground and our future relationship with the European Union.  This is why we are asking the Government to rule out the prospect of No Deal and to seek a long extension to Article 50. In doing this, we might then have the possibility to create the space and time necessary to explore how as a society the next steps might be taken together rather than apart.“​


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