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Edinburgh Church Offers 'Five Minutes' Peace'

Tuesday May 28 2019

The chancel arch and apse ceiling at Mayfield Salisbury Church. Picture: mayfieldeditor, CC BY-SA 3.0

An Edinburgh church is opening its doors to allow local people space for peaceful meditation without participating in a formal service. 

Mayfield Salisbury Church’s “Five Minutes’ Peace” initiative sees the church open on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  As well as taking time for private reflection and meditation, visitors can enjoy the celebrated stained glass windows in the church’s sanctuary, and its unusually bright and airy interior. They will also find information on the church’s history and architecture.

Minister, the Rev Dr Scott McKenna, said: “With so much noise and activity within the lives of most of us, we may often feel the need to stop and experience a few moments of quiet. To do this we need to find a space in which there are few distractions. Church sanctuaries, like ours at Mayfield Salisbury, are ideal for this purpose: places of beauty, peace and stillness. However, in Scotland, they are frequently closed when there is no service taking place. The ‘Five Minutes’ Peace’ initiative is our response to this situation.

“As a church community, we are conscious that many people who might feel hesitant about participating in a formal religious service could welcome the opportunity to take time out of their busy lives and enjoy the beauty and peace of the sanctuary at Mayfield Salisbury Church. We invite people of all faiths and none to come and enjoy five minutes’ peace.” 


Alistair Dunlop - Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

“Many churches do this and some around here are open every day.”

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