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CrossReach Partnership With Football Club

Tuesday July 27 2019

The Church of Scotland’s social care operator has partnered with a professional football club to support a project helping recovering addicts in Dundee.

CrossReach has joined forces with Dundee United FC in supporting the work of the Revive and Restore Café.

Based at Coldside Parish Church and run by volunteers, the café provides community and peer to peer support, alongside a variety of programmes and opportunities to gain new skills and qualifications.

Staff of CrossReach Tayside Support Services co-ordinate the café, working with the charity Positive Steps to help recovering substance users access support.

Dundee United Community Trust, which already supports a number of projects throughout the city, will run training and games in the church hall and grounds.

Viv Walker, CrossReach head of service for adult care services, said: “We are delighted that Dundee United are coming on board to work with us and help people have more positive opportunities in their lives. Our team at the Revive and Restore Café, led by co-ordinator Lucie, work hard to make it a welcoming place where people can get a meal, volunteer and have the opportunity to learn new skills.

“DUFC’s Community Trust will enhance what we offer and help raise the profile so that more people can hear about the service and get involved."


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