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Fife Congregation Represented at US Philanthropy Awards

                                                                                                                 Thursday October 17 2017


A CHURCH of Scotland minister and members of a Fife congregation were among guests at a prestigious philanthropy medal presentation in New York.

The Rev MaryAnn Rennie and elder Angus Hogg and members Douglas Scott and Fiona Robertson from the Abbey Church of Dunfermline were among representatives of the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust who were invited to attend the presentation of the Carnegie Medals for Philanthropy. Winners of this year’s nine medals included Scottish businessman Sir Ian Wood, head of the Aberdeen-based Wood Group and the film director George Lucas (best known for his Star Wars series) and his wife, Mellody Hobson. A full list of this year’s winners is available here. The Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, awarded by Carnegie institutions since 2001, seeks to inspire a culture of giving by recognising philanthropists who reflect the values of Andrew Carnegie and his philosophy of giving—that the surplus wealth of the few should be administered “for the good of the people.”

The winners of this year’s medals were announced in Dunfermline in August after the dedication of the Tiffany Window at the Abbey Church of Dunfermline – a stained glass work of art commissioned by Dunfermline-born philanthropist Andrew Carnegie more than 100 years ago. The philanthropist, who was the richest man in the world at that time, famously gave away his fortune and his legacy lives on today in a number of trusts and buildings. The window was housed elsewhere until the 100th anniversary of his death in August, when it was dedicated and unveiled in the Abbey Church of Dunfermline. (Read more here)

Mrs Rennie said: “It has been a privilege to be invited to be part of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy celebrations in a year when the Carnegie Trusts, organisations and family have been marking the legacy of a child from Dunfermline, Andrew Carnegie. His own story of what can be achieved when offered support and encouragement from others is inspiring. However, to hear the stories of those today who continue to give from their wealth so that others might be offered opportunities of education, health and well-being was a real reminder that even when we may not be financially wealthy  we may be gifted in other ways that allow our world to thrive.”

Mrs Rennie (centre left) is pictured with the delegation from the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust including members of the Abbey Church in New York yesterday ahead of the presentations.



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