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Moderator's Tribute to CrossReach Work With the Elderly

Tuesday October 22 2019

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland paid tribute to the Church of Scotland’s social care work with the elderly as he began a tour of CrossReach facilities.

The Rt Rev Colin Sinclair and his wife Ruth began a four-day tour, which will take in all aspects of the work of the Church’s social care operator, by visiting two homes for the elderly in the West of Scotland yesterday.

They  began at Cumnor Hall in Ayr, where Mr Sinclair had been convener of the local committee as a young minister.  There he led the morning devotions, and took part in a keep fit class. He said: “It was lovely to see how CrossReach and Cumnor House has developed over the years, and what impressed us was a sense of a caring atmosphere.”

In the afternoon Mr and Mrs Sinclair visited South Beach House in Ardrossan, where the Moderator dedicated a new memorial garden at the home, and met manager Margaret Cassidy, who has worked for CrossReach for 44 years. There was also a large celebration for staff and visitors marking the 150th anniversary of social care in the Church of Scotland. Mr Sinclair said: “For 150 years the Church has been involved in different ways, caring for people in practice, showing love and dignity and respect.

“We give thanks for all that’s being done, for the work among older people, and look forward to what lies tomorrow.

During the tour, Mr and Mrs Sinclair will also visit CrossReach facilities for young people and for people recovering from addictions and who have been released from prison, as well as CrossReach’s headquarters in Edinburgh.

You can follow his thoughts on the CrossReach website.

The celebration of 150 years of social care in the Church of Scotland will culminate in a thanksgiving service at Dunfermline Abbey on Sunday November 17.

Celebrating 150 years of Social Care in the Church of Scotland

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