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New Iona Community Leader

Tuesday May 26 2020

The new Leader of the Iona Community has been named as Ruth Harvey.

Ruth, who will begin her new role on Monday June 1, is a Church of Scotland minister and most recently director of the Church-founded mediation charity, Place for Hope.

She has been a member of the Iona Community for 27 years and has served on several of its committees, been a member of staff, and edited the Community magazine, Coracle.

She has also been an occasional contributor to Life and Work, and is currently writing a Bible Study series on themes of mediation and peace-building.

In a shake-up of the Iona Community’s leadership structures, Ruth will work alongside an executive director, to be appointed later in the year.

Ruth’s role will be to lead the voluntary membership movement of the Iona Community, to act as its principal public representative, to articulate and promote the Community’s voice on public issues, and to offer theological direction and pastoral support to its membership.

The executive director’s role will be to develop the business potential of the Community and provide strategic planning for its commercial activities and to assist the Council of the Community in fulfilling its governance duties.

Together, working as a team, they will provide strategic leadership on the vision and direction of the Community’s work and witness, in particular, the development and implementation of its goals of sustainability, inclusion and mutual accountability.


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