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Moderator's Services to Give Ministers a Break

Monday June 29 2020

The Moderator of the General Assembly has prepared two digital services for churches to use over the summer months.

In an email to ministers and others responsible for leading services, the Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair describes the services as ‘Moderator pulpit supply’.

He has also urged ministers to take a break this summer, even if the coronavirus lockdown means they are unable to get away as they normally would.

Dr Fair says: “It can be difficult taking holidays when we’re at home and when the computer continually tempts us to check our email, etc.

“Even so, it’s never been more important that we get some down time.  As I’ve spoken by phone to ministers all across the country, it’s clear that many have been working harder than ever and that there’s a deep down tiredness as a result - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in terms of the felt-demand to keep on being creative.”

Elements of the online services have been contributed by the Rev Rosie Frew and the Very Rev Susan Brown, conveners of the Faith Nurture and Faith Impact forums respectively, and they include music from New Scottish Hymns and Celtic Worship. The services can stand alone or work as a pair.

Anyone wishing to use the services should contact Catherine on


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