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Moderator's 'Care for Carers' Call

Tuesday November 3 2020

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland said ‘we need to care for those who care’ as he kicked off a week focussing on the Church’s social care provider, CrossReach.

The Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair began Moderator’s Time (formerly CrossReach Week) with a visit to Charis House, CrossReach’s offices in Edinburgh. With CrossReach CEO Viv Dickenson, he took part in a digital discussion on wellbeing, hearing how the organisation looks after its employees.

Dr Fair was introduced to the principles of the Trauma Informed Relational Framework which CrossReach has adopted, and told of the measures put in place to make sure each employee has access to counselling, confidential support and financial advice.

He tweeted afterwards: “Inspired to hear not only of the incredible work that @CrossReach does but of their commitment towards the wellbeing of staff. A reminder that clapping for carers isn’t enough; we need to care for those who care.”

Moderator’s Time will continue today with an introduction to one of CrossReach’s adult care services.


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