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Parish News Round-up

Thursday January 21 2021

Our regular round-up of news received from churches

Send items of parish news to or Life and Work, 121 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4YN. All submissions will also be considered for the magazine, but we are unable to print everything we receive.
Please check the quality of your pictures: images which are too small, blurry or too dark cannot be used. If there are children in any picture please confirm that their parents or guardians have given permission for publication.

Old Gourock and Ashton Church came up with a series of events to help mark Advent despite the coronavirus restrictions. Minister, the Rev David Burt, provided an online service to replace the usual Quiet Service, with people invited to tie ribbons to the church railings in memory of a loved one.

Instead of the usual school’s Christmas service, children from Gourock Primary School were invited to colour in an angel, which was then placed in the church so that each child could have a ‘virtual’ presence there. 232 selection boxes were distributed as well as a prize for the best effort in each class.

And instead of the usual Messy Church on the Sunday before Christmas, the Young Church made video recordings of Christmas Songs and messages which were shown on screens in the sanctuary and halls.

In the weeks before Christmas Sunday, the congregation was challenged to create decorated stars from various pieces contained in bags distributed and to bring back the completed stars to the church by Christmas Sunday. These stars were then hung on a small tree so that members and others were represented in church, even if they were unable to be present in person.

The church also held a collection for the charities which would normally hold fundraising events in its hall during the year, raising £2800 to be shared between Children in Poverty Inverclyde, Erskine, RNLI and Starter Packs Inverclyde. Separately, the committee of the Nursery Group, “Little Rascals”, decided to donate £1000 to Children in Poverty Inverclyde.  

Five new elders were ordained in Newbattle Parish Church, near Edinburgh, on December 13. Wilma Black, Sheila Christensen, Sheilagh Law, Dianna Russell and Tracy Teasdale were ordained in a carefully planned service with distancing, one way systems, face masks and separate pens for signing the formula after the service.

The church adopted the Unitary Constitution earlier in the year and, following the dissolution of the congregational board, invited former board members and others to consider the eldership. The ordination followed a month of discernment and exploration classes.

The church’s transition minister, the Rev Gayle Taylor, said: “Our exploration classes will continue in 2021 and will meet once a month for ongoing sharing and learning. We will be inviting elders who have been ordained for some time to come along to these classes too so that the whole Kirk Session can share and learn and grow together outwith the business of meetings. It is my hope that the enthusiasm and energy of the new elders will intermingle with the experience and insight of those who have been elders for many years.”



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