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Get Debt Help Now, Urges Charity

Tuesday March 23 2021

Christians Against Poverty Scotland warns that the poorest have suffered most financially during the pandemic, and urges anyone struggling to seek help as soon as possible

Church member Ron, who received help from CAP Scotland. Picture by Chris Hoskins

A Christian debt advice service is urging people struggling with debt to seek help as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Scotland made the call after seeing increasing numbers of people with debt problems related to the pandemic, with rising unemployment, reduced hours, illness and larger bills leaving many people with unmanageable debt.

The charity, which has been working in Scotland for over 20 years, says that it is ‘undeniable’ that people from poorest communities, with the lowest financial resilience, have been hit hardest financially by Covid-19. They found that 64% of CAP Scotland’s clients were borrowing money for food or living costs.

Emma Jackson, National Director of CAP Scotland said: “Although we’ve continued helping people out of debt throughout the pandemic, we know that many people have been in survival mode and it’s only as we come out of lockdown that they will start to seek help.

“Not seeing a way out is a common feeling for people in debt. Many people put off seeking debt help, with 30% of our clients in Scotland waiting three years and longer before seeking help.”

CAP offers free, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) accredited services across Scotland, partnering with local churches to provide both practical and emotional support. There are currently 24 debt centres in Scotland alongside a range of other services including job clubs and the CAP Money Course.

The stress and worry of debt can be overwhelming and it can appear easier to ignore it rather than confront it. Shame, embarrassment and guilt can keep people trapped in silence and isolation.

CAP Client Ron, from Fullerton Parish Church in Irvine, said: “Once you are in that frame of mind you don’t want to talk to anybody. You don’t want to open the door. You feel embarrassed. You want to close out everyone. I thought about doing away with myself as I couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel. I thought there was no way forward.”

Ron found out about CAP through his church. His debt coach, Alan, was able to meet with him and give him the specialist help and support he needed. Together they were able to put together a plan for Ron to become debt free. Ron says his life has been transformed and his hope has been restored as the burden of debt has been lifted. He is no longer isolated and has hope for the future.

Emma Jackson urges anyone struggling to reach out for help now: “If you are struggling with debt, please don’t wait to get in touch. There’s no judgement. Our services are free and available to anyone regardless of age, gender, faith or background.”

You can book an appointment with CAP by calling freephone 0800 328 0006 or visit 


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