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National Prayer Event Offers Breakfast Deliveries

Tuesday May 18 2021

With sitting in at restaurants unavailable for much of the past year, many of us have been used to getting our food delivered - whether that’s pizza, Indian, Chinese or the at-home offerings of more expensive restaurants.

Now, for one day only, we will have the option to have a full cooked breakfast delivered – to be eaten with a prayer.

The National Prayer Breakfast for Scotland is an annual event that has taken place in various locations since 2005. It is described by the organisers as ‘a public act of Christian witness to those in authority and influence in the nation, and to the nation generally, and a public affirmation of the power of prayer’. Events feature a guest speaker, music and prayers led by leaders of different denominations.

Following the cancellation of the 2020 Prayer Breakfast, it returns this year with an online event to be broadcast from 8am on Wednesday June 2.

The event is free to watch, but you can also purchase a ticket to receive a delivery of a freshly prepared breakfast tray the evening before the event, which requires a short reheating time on the morning of the event. This will include a fully cooked breakfast, pastries, and a hot and cold drink.

As well as individual breakfasts, there is also the option to buy a ‘table’ of breakfasts for delivery to a group of guests. The organisers suggest that a few people could meet up and eat breakfast together if local restrictions allow, or arrange a Zoom call.

For more information visit the National Prayer Breakfast for Scotland website, 


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