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Dr Ruth Valerio to Deliver Denis Duncan Lecture

Wednesday October 13 2021

The writer and activist Dr Ruth Valerio is to deliver this year’s online Denis Duncan lecture.

Dr Valerio, Tearfund’s Global Advocacy and Influencing Director, will look at how much the natural world matters for the future health of humanity, what the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us about these issues, and how the church can help in healing and rebuilding the world.

The online event will also include a time of prayer and space to engage with the lecture through discussions and questions.

Hosted by the Guild of Health and St Raphael, in partnership with the Church of Scotland, the lecture is an annual event focusing on the links between health and faith. It is named for Denis Duncan, a Church minister, former Editor of British Weekly and regular contributor to Life and Work who died in 2014.

One of the aims of the event is to encourage churches to be hubs for healing for the whole community. The Healthy Healing Hub project seeks to train, badge and network churches in this work, particularly as communities are facing higher levels of trauma and grief in the wake of the pandemic.

The lecture takes place on Wednesday November 24 at 7pm and is free. Register here.


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