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Buy Oranges to Support Refugees

Monday November 22 2021

Carol Finlay, of the Church of Scotland's Faith Action Programme, introduces a project helping to guarantee a fair wage for migrant orange pickers in Italy this winter.

Spend less than £30 on a crate of freshly picked Calabrian oranges this Christmas and you would be providing fair pay for migrant workers in southern Italy.

In an initiative supported by Mediterranean Hope, the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy’s refugee and migrant support project, 10% of the price paid also goes into Mediterranean Hope’s projects to support refugees. 

Peppe, the manager of the SOS Rosarno co-operative which works with farmers and migrants to harvest ETIKA  (ethical) oranges says 'beware…once you taste our oranges you will become addicted'.

Why not share this opportunity by buying a crate of 10kg (between 40 and 50 oranges) as a Christmas gift for your local food bank, or for your Christingle Service? Or you can buy for your own Christmas stockings or table.

To be economically viable, we need to bring from Calabria a minimum of three pallets, which is 3x56 crates, each with 10 kg of oranges, but we would like to challenge you to help us to order more. The oranges will be picked no earlier than the day they begin their transportation journey, and will be less than two weeks old at the point of delivery. Along with the oranges will be the story of Ibrahim, who began his journey in Côte d'Ivoire, has been through the process of being a picker himself, and now works with Mediterranean Hope in managing the project. He will share his vision to reduce exploitation for migrant pickers, and to support just and fair wages. You can also read one of his poems, written to highlight the harsh realities migrant and refugee workers experience in their situation.

Orders need to be made by December 3. The oranges will be delivered to three points in Scotland, in the North, East and West for collection.

For more information, or to order, email Carol Finlay on


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